Governing Board

Photo of Big Creek Cabin.  Photo by Jim Green

In the spring of 2013, the annual board meeting was held at the forrest service cabin at Big Creek.  The current Board of Directors, who were elected to a two year term,  consists of Bill Bucher, President;  Dusty Timmons,  Vice President;  Jeff Blend,Secretary;   Jim Welton, Treasurer; Andy Rahn and Mark Yeshe, members at large.  Also in attendence were Jim Green, Brad Stacey, and Richard Weaver.

The Board of Directors of the Montana Men's foundation is elected every two years.  Anyone who has attended an annual gathering is welcome to attend and participate at the board meetings.

For those who are interested, the full minutes of the meeting are available.




Chopping bell peppers for a meal at Big Creek.  Photo by Jeff Blend.