Reconnection at Blacktail

September 26-30, Blacktail Ranch, Wolf Creek, Montana


We invite you to join the 2012 Annual Fall Gathering of the Montana Men’s Foundation.  This year, we are excited and charged to be returning to the Blacktail Ranch, the home of numerous past gatherings and a place that holds our collective spirit.  Our purpose at these gatherings is to reconnect with ourselves, our role in society, nature, and each other. 

The Montana Men’s Foundation has been sponsoring male gatherings for 20 years.  We provide a space to renew, re-energize and express what it means to be a man within the ever accelerating pace and stress of modern life.  We encourage younger men to join our circle as they begin their journey of manhood into society.  Far from being a time for resignation in this confusing era, now is a time for re-imagining culture and life affirming practices.  Our society does not have a cultural context for ancient rites of initiation, but we recapture portions of what initiation provided in earlier societies and put it in a modern context. 

Our gatherings provide a safe place where focused masculine intention promotes personal restoration through ancient and modern techniques.  With our leaders, Matthew Marsolek and Neil Egan, we will explore the ‘deep masculine’ and the sustenance of healthy male camaraderie. 

Blacktail Ranch, north of Helena, where some of our first gatherings took place is a working ranch provides a natural and historic setting for the gathering in an ancient and powerful landscape on the southern end of the Rocky Mountain Front.  Our organization literally has our energy in this land where we built a Hogan for our work and infused our energy into other landmarks.  We will spiritually connect with our ancient brethren within a cave used by man for 10,000 years and by gathering daily at a medicine wheel that pre-dates western history.

We will be meeting in daily circles to explore our need to reconnect with our hearts.  We do this through drum circles, immersion in the cave, dream work, competitive games, yoga/physical activity, cooperative activities, embodied movement, and outdoor exploration.  Each day there will be free time for personal activities, contemplation, rest, and creativity.

We will meet at the ranch at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept 26th for dinner and will depart on Sunday, Sept 30th after lunch.  We will be cared for with nourishing meals and comfortable bunkhouse accommodations provided by the Blacktail Ranch.  Sleeping arrangements will be in the main house, with an option to camp outside.  As this is Montana, be prepared for any type of weather.

Payment options are as follows:

$395 registered before July 15th – Add to Cart (then checkout)

$100 deposit to reserve your place – Add to Cart (then checkout)

Note: The price will go up to $445 after July 15th and $495 after September 1st


Download and print a registration form.

If you cancel before September 10th, we retain a $30 administration fee. No reimbursement for cancellations after September 12th. Make check to: Montana Men’s Foundation, mail to Jim Welton, 1201 Cardinal Drive, Belgrade, MT 59714.

Partial scholarships may be available for younger men or men with financail hardship.  To inquire, please contact Bill Bucher at (406) 442-7591 or  If you would like to support our scholarship fund, you can make a tax deductible donation to the Montana Men's Foundation for $50, $100, $300 or another amount.


Download this year's brochure.


For contact info, please E-mail the Montana Men's Foundation.