2022 Montana Men’s Gathering at Blacktail Ranch

Starting at noon on Thursday, September 29th – Finishing at noon on Sunday, October 2nd

This year’s theme is The Authentic Masculinity of Strength and Courage. It’s through this theme that we will actively explore how strength and courage inform and help our lives as men, how strength and courage are leveraged to succeed in the necessary confrontations and challenges we face; how to do this courageously as balanced, active, capable, compassionate, strong, effective men.

Gratefully, the price for this year has not increased, it is still $475.00 inclusive of all lodging and meals. If you’d like more information or would like to reserve your spot, please contact Marvin at montana.mens.foundation@gmail.com

About Our Gatherings

At our gatherings, men are invited to set aside daily life, drop cultural and family expectations, and explore the depth of their soul through focused activities, powerful rituals, and time on the land.  

We offer these events as a gift to ourselves and each other, a time and place to find restoration, insight, and renewed energy. All you need to do is bring yourself and whatever it is you’re carrying. We welcome the ordinary, enthusiastic, dramatic, bored, bedraggled, and rambunctious.

We are cared for with nourishing meals and comfortable bunkhouse accommodations provided by the Blacktail Ranch staff. Sleeping arrangements will be in the main bunkhouse or small cabins (for an additional fee). As this will be autumn in Montana and some of our activities will take place outdoor, be prepared for any type of weather including possible snow.

Our time together will be shaped around what we each bring to the gathering, the challenges we are facing, and the ideas and creative impulses that are inspiring us. Long-standing members of the Montana Men’s Foundation community will guide our time together and will offer structure to our days and a number of group activities including rhythm, movement, ceremony, soulful discussions, self-awareness exercises, time on the land, and more. And if you need to chill out for a time, take a solo hike, or just not do anything for a while, we’ll respect that too.

Our goal is to step into our authentic selves without any pretense. This gathering will be a place to lighten the load, retreat into nature to get some perspective, and spend time with some truly amazing men.

The Setting: Blacktail Ranch

Blacktail Ranch, north of Helena, has been home to many of our previous gatherings. It is a working ranch that provides a natural and historic setting in an ancient and powerful landscape on the southern end of the Rocky Mountain Front.  Our organization literally has our spirit in this land where we built a Hogan as a place to gather for our work, infusing our energy into it and the landscape. We will spiritually connect with our ancient brethren within a cave used for 10,000 years and by gathering daily at a medicine wheel that predates western history. Many past attendees attest to the incredible beauty and sacred energy that embodies this special natural space.

The Montana Men’s Foundation is a non-profit corporation founded to sponsor and support men’s activities that promote their educational, spiritual and emotional growth for the benefit of community and society. We have been sponsoring men’s gatherings for over 20 years to provide a space to renew, re-energize, and express what it means to be a man within the ever-accelerating pace and stress of modern life. All ages of adult men are encouraged to join our circle as they begin or continue their journey of manhood into society. Far from being a time for resignation in this confusing era, now is a time for re-imagining culture and life affirming practices.