Landscapes of Change : Wild Places & Inner Spaces 
At the Blacktail Ranch, near Wolf Creek, Montana

September 30 – October 4, 2015 — REGISTER — MORE INFO


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The expanses of wildness and the open spaces of the Blacktail Ranch have a profound effect on those who spend time there. It’s certainly true for the men who’ve gathered at the Blacktail over the years. The enlivened earth calls us to be engaged and embodied, urges us to wake up and become aware. A sense of place deeply informs our own sense of self.

At this year’s gathering, we’re going to explore and celebrate the relationship between inner and outer landscapes, how great nature and wildness (from without and within) is a resource for our own well being. As we survey and experience the landscape around us, so will we navigate and orient ourselves within our own interior domains.  

This will be an opportunity to step away from the harried pace and over-stimulation of our modern lives, a chance to allow ourselves precious time to reflect, to recharge, and restore ourselves, and a time to celebrate our individual and collective journeys as men.

Our lives are imbued with an innate drive to find balance and equilibrium… in mind, body, heart, and spirit. It’s helped us each arrive we are right now. The moment we step onto the land, step into community together, we begin to remember that place of wholeness again. We remember to remember.

In the tradition of past gatherings, we’ll share in embodied practices to help us find our center and stretch our edges: rhythm and song, yoga and movement, art making & crafting, simple rituals, heart-to-heart discussions and sharing, self-awareness exercises, and of course, time on the land. We will witness, support, and encourage one another to open, risk, and grow.


Together we’ll climb to the ancient Sun Wheel each morning to welcome the sunrise. We’ll enter into the turning of the seasons and be attentive to what each moment offers us. We’ll also have the option to be cleansed in a sweat lodge ceremony and journey into the ancient Blacktail Cave to savor the ancient silent darkness and create sacred song and rhythm. 

Matthew Marsolek and Chris Southall will be returning to facilitate the gathering and there will be contributions from other men attending.



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