The 2011 Montana Men’s Gathering, Camp Mimanagish, September 22 – 25, 2011
We’d like to invite you to attend the Montana Men’s Foundation annual fall  gathering at Camp Mimanagish on the Boulder River.
Come share your life experiences, reconnect with nature, and experience a supportive community of men. Join us as we explore what it means to be a man in today’s world:  in relationship, at work, with family, and by oneself.

We offer this event as a gift to ourselves and each other, a time and place to find restoration, insight, and renewed energy. All you need to do is bring yourself and whatever it is you’re carrying. We welcome the ordinary, enthusiastic, dramatic, bored, bedraggled, and rambunctious.
We cannot pretend to offer initiation to men, but we’ll honor and support the changes you might be going through. Our goal is to relax into our authentic selves without any pretense. This gathering will be a place to lighten the load for a while, retreat into nature to get some perspective, and spend time with some truly amazing men.
To bring us together and help us find our balance, we’ll be offering a number of group activities including: rhythm and song, yoga and movement, art making, simple rituals, heart-to-heart discussions, self-awareness exercises, time on the land, and more. And if you need to chill out for a time, take a solo hike, or just not do anything for a while, we’ll respect that too.
This will be an environment for self-care and honest community. Our time together will be shaped around what we each bring to the gathering, the challenges we are facing and the ideas and creative impulses that are inspiring us.
We’ll be staying at beautiful Camp  Mimanagish on the Boulder River,  located in the heart of the Abasaroka Wilderness, 40 miles South of Big Timber, Montana. This rustic camp is a place of genuine retreat, away from cell phone reception and internet access, a place where we can enjoy nature and step away from the busyness of life for a time. Set among Fir and Aspen trees, the beautiful Boulder River flows right next to the camp, and hiking trails into the wilderness begin just downstream.

Participants will be lodging in the many cabins available and chef Darry Stearns will be joining us again to provide his hearty, gourmet meals. Here you can enjoy a warm fire, a satisfied belly, a story, music, or the quietness of nature.
We're looking forward to seeing you at this year's gathering!
-Matthew and Patrick Marsolek and the
Montana Men’s Foundation.
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2011 Facilitators
For two decades, Matthew Marsolek has been facilitating men’s gatherings in Montana and Canada, as well as numerous events with Drum Brothers world music ensemble. In addition to his contagious
enthusiasm and a passion for rhythm and sound, he brings a wealth of experience in team building, group dynamics, and ritual making. Over the years, Matthew has co-facilitated with Michael Meade, Timothy Tate and Greg Jahn, among others, and continues the tradition of mentoring younger men.
Patrick Marsolek has over 12 years experience leading groups in conscious-ness exploration, personal development, and healing. As the director of Inner Working Resources, he brings a compassionate presence and an array of awareness and communication resources to the self-empowerment semi-nars he teaches throughout the Northwest. Patrick is the author of two books, A Joyful Intuition and Transform Yourself, and has produced a series of self-hypnosis CDs and Argentine Tango videos. He has a clinical hypnotherapy practice in Central Montana.
The Montana Men’s Foundation is a non-profit corporation founded to sponsor and support men’s activities that promote educational, spiritual, and emotional growth for the benefit of community and society. Our special interest is to help young men grow into manhood through increasing their understanding of men’s roles in the modern world. If you support the goals of our organization, we would welcome your financial support.
If you would like some printed flyers to share with other men, please
e-mail Matthew.


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